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Our Portfolio

Pace Product PortfolioPace has a complete portfolio of technologies, products and services that have been designed to enable operators to lead in the competitive and fast moving broadcast and broadband markets.

Our portfolio can be tailored to the needs of individual operators, markets and geographies. It is backed by our reputation as the world’s largest set-top box and advanced residential gateway supplier through our work with over 200 of the world’s leading managed service operators.

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CPE Devices

Set-Top BoxesIP ClientsMedia Servers
Pace Set-Top Box Pace IP Clients Pace Media Server
Access GatewaysNetwork Accessories
Pace Access Gateways Pace Network Accessories

Elements Software Platform

Tungsten device software Helium gateway software Titanium content security
Cobalt service delivery Oxygen User Interface (UI) framework

Services & Rights Management

ECO Service ManagementRights Management
ECO Service Management Latens Titanium - Rights Management

Optical Transport and Access Networks

Residential SolutionsCommercial SolutionsProducts
Residential Solutions Commercial Solutions Optical Transport and Access Network products


Customer CareSolution DeliveryConsulting
Customer Care Solution Delivery Consulting