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Cobalt Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Cobalt - Service Delivery

Service Delivery Platform enriching subscribers TV experiences
from broadcast to multiscreen

Cobalt opens up new opportunities for operators including the transition from one-way to two-way networks, the delivery of custom broadcast applications and the ability to extend broadcast services to companion devices via set-top boxes or the cloud.

Enhanced subscriber experience

Integrated with operator’s media head-ends, Cobalt SDP adds the power of the cloud to enhance operator broadcast services, such as bookmarks, cross platforms search and intelligent recommendations.

Using Cobalt operators can manage their subscribers from a single cloud-based user account allowing content to be shared seamlessly across multiple devices and networks. 

Cobalt Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Flexible for simple and rapid Integration

Cobalt enables a unified, consistent service across all devices, independent of network. Content metadata can be sent over the broadcast network, through broadband/mobile networks, or both, making Cobalt a flexible choice for whole home and OTT solutions.

Cobalt is pre-integrated with Pace Elements allowing rapid deployment of cost-effective solutions.

Cobalt Service Delivery Platform (SDP) - End to End

Understanding customer usage, monetizing content

Cobalt captures audience usage statistics - who’s watching what, where, and on what device enabling operators to build a comprehensive and sophisticated picture of subscribers viewing behaviour. Understanding their subscribers’ viewing makes it easier for operators to develop higher value services and make the correct content recommendations.

Cobalt - transition from one-way to two-way

Enhance one-way services

Enhance one-way broadcast programming:

  • Deliver additional broadcast EPG: 21 days or more.
  • Deliver promos & banners via the broadcast network.
  • Deliver push-VOD movies on-demand and teasers

Transition from one-way to two-way services

Cobalt allows operators to quickly transition from one-way to two-way services by delivering richer EPG data and IP on-demand services to broadcast STBs.

Create custom applications

Operators can quickly and easily build TV applications to create content and channel stickiness.

  • Ingest custom data.
  • Target it to a set of devices.
  • Deliver the content and customer specific data via traditional broadcast or IP multicast channels.

Cobalt - custom apps and companion devices

Enable 2nd screen and companion devices

Deliver a broadcast or two-way TV system onto tablets, smartphones, PCs, games consoles extending operator services reach and revenue earning potential:

  • Use the power of a tablet to perform “lean-forward” searches and then immediately watch found content on the main screen.
  • Use remote EPG & remote PVR services to allow off-net users to view the program guide, set new bookings, and manage their recorded content.
  • Use the favourites lists, view queues, and bookmarks to allow a subscriber to browse the on-demand catalogue from their smartphone or tablet.

Cobalt service delivery - Pace Elements