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Helium gateway software

Helium - Gateway Software

Advanced gateway software connecting and distributing
media services throughout the home

As more devices in the home connect to the Internet, as the services they use expand, Helium is the go-to software solution for use with Pace and other manufacturer gateway devices. Helium’s open and modular software gives operators a flexible and scalable solution to deliver home gateway services.

Helium - Any hardware, any feature

Open, extendable, portable - any service, any hardware

Hardware agnostic and highly modular, Helium can easily replace original vendor middleware for deployed gateways. Continual service evolution is made possible by downloading functions directly without replacing existing hardware - Helium provides operators fast time to market, increased service portability and reduced costs for testing and deployment.

Open-standards software gives operators the freedom to develop new revenue generating applications via the Helium software development kit (SDK), and allows for third-party party applications to be deployed and function on the gateway.

Smart home applications and remote management

Helium transforms gateways into a smart home platform that can deliver home monitoring, automation, energy management and telemedicine applications and services. 

By integrating with Pace ECO Service Management, operators can enhance their services and create networked, intelligent apps. Open interfaces and protocols enable the collection of statistics and vital user data. Users can securely and remotely view the home network to monitor device activity, energy levels and control security systems.

Helium - enhanced customer experience

Enhanced customer experience

Helium puts subscribers in control of their technology: auto detection and configuration delivers zero-touch install and setup; best in class wireless and Internet access technology assures consistently high quality of service and throughput; security and peace of mind are provided via content screening and limited access controls across all locations and devices within the home.

Remote management to improve Quality of Service

Helium offers industry-leading remote management TR-069 support as a standard feature. Used in conjunction with Pace’s ECO service management solution, Helium’s dynamic device management capability (including XMPP) allows the quality of experience and usage of all connected devices to be monitored and managed. Operators are able to move from reactive to pro-active issue resolution, solving problems before they become visible to subscribers, bandwidth is monitored, wireless transmission stats gathered and faults identified at the point of failure for real-time diagnosis.

Helium gateway software - Pace Elements