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Oxygen User Interface (UI) framework

Oxygen - User Interface Framework

Open, configurable UI framework that delivers high-quality TV experiences to any screen

Oxygen gives operators a flexible solution to build and adapt distinctive, high-quality branded user experiences for set-top boxes, media servers, tablets, smartphones, games consoles and connected TVs. Leveraging industry standard HTML5 technology, Oxygen enables operators to deliver a ‘TV everywhere’ experience quickly and cost effectively.

Oxygen User Interface (UI) framework

Enhancing subscribers’ TV experience

Oxygen provides operators with the visual components to create great end user experiences delivering linear and non-linear, interactive and personalised content from multiple sources including broadcast, local recordings and OTT. Industry standard HTML5 makes it easy to port the same look and feel across all devices.

Adding Cobalt’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) enriches the subscriber experience further through the delivery of content metadata, posters, promotions, advertising, recommendations and favourites.

Oxygen - a flexible solution, putting operators in control

A flexible solution, putting the operator in control

Oxygen frees operators from the constraints of real-time, embedded and proprietary solutions. HTML5 WebKit allows operators to tap into the broad web developer community; enabling TV experiences to be easily ported across devices and assuring future extensibility and updates.

With Oxygen’s software development kit (SDK) and UI frameworks, operators or their partners can develop their own user experience. Alternatively, Pace can provide professional design and integration services.

Get to market fast

Pace offers reference products that deliver a comprehensive off-the-shelf UI for personal video recorders, zappers and other devices - they provide a range of services (including reminders and scheduling) as standard.

Our ready-to-go products allow rapid deployment while offering scope for simple, scalable upgrades as required. Pace offers a branding package to enable operators to customise our reference products to their needs. Oxygen is pre-integrated with Pace Tungsten device software for the perfect TV experience on any screen.

Oxygen Framework and Software Development Kit (SDK)

Oxygen Framework provides operators with a flexible toolbox to configure and customise the user experience to their needs.

Oxygen SDK gives developers access to the user-interface code on the set-top box, higher-level Oxygen Framework modules, or a mixture of both. 

Professional services

With over 30 years of design and integration experience, Pace provides industry-leading expertise across the full spectrum of UI services.Pace’s experienced UI teams can develop and customise EPGs, PVR planners and libraries, VOD portals and OTT services, whole home and multi-screen experiences.

By integrating these services with Cobalt and ECO Service Management, we can uniquely translate subscriber demands and behaviours into sticky, compelling customer applications.

Oxygen user interface framework - Pace Elements