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Titanium content security

Titanium - Content Security

Unified Rights Management solution that cuts through
content protection and distribution complexity

Titanium’s unique Unified Rights Management (URM) platform for payTV combines software Conditional Access (CAS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) to address the requirements of any operator, whether traditional CAS for payTV networks, DRM for connected devices, or a combination of both. It is secure, flexible and cost effective.

Titanium Universal Rights Management (URM)

Any network, any screen - one platform

Titanium is a Unified Rights Management (URM) platform for securing content and managing rights over any network to any type of end-user device. Whether satellite, cable or terrestrial, Titanium lets payTV operators expand their broadcast services beyond the set-top box to other devices used by their subscribers.

Titanium’s modular design and multi-DRM scheme support enables easy add-on of OTT and multi-screen services all of which are controlled and managed from one single platform.

Reduced lifetime cost

Titanium lowers the total cost of ownership of the CAS compared to smartcard based solutions, by an average of 60% compared to card-based CA systems, key factors being: reduced logistics costs; reduced cost of churn; maximised cash flow and eliminating the need for smartcard readers.

Faster, lower-cost threat recovery

Titanium gives equal emphasis to security and recovery. Its software technology eliminates smartcards meaning that any compromised system can be recovered quickly and at lower cost with a downloadable software package deployed over the network. With no smartcards to replace, fewer truck rolls and less call-centre traffic, it’s cheaper for the operator and more convenient for the subscriber, as well as minimising piracy.

To date, there have been no instances of piracy with Titanium deployments.

Enhanced customer experience

Titanium@Home is built around the needs of the subscriber (who doesn’t think about security) and the needs of the operator (who wants seamless, cost-effective and high levels of security). The system manages content rights in a single account rather than per individual device, more readily supporting evolving business models with content sharing between multiple different devices. Security doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the service.

Enable business growth

Titanium’s single security platform reduces complexity and operational costs while allowing rapid introduction of new business models.

Titanium’s Unified Rights Management solution is pre-integrated with Pace’s Elements platform. It’s a one-stop-shop for security. At the same time, this is security that’s designed to be adaptable and futureproof, with proven extendibility to new consumer devices.

Simulcrypt and Titanium

Titanium is a DVB-Simulcrypt compliant solution offering payTV operators the ability to support Dual CA and CA Swap strategies.
Simulcrypt and Titanium

Titanium Broadcast

Secure, downloadable, fully DVB® compliant Software Conditional Access for broadcast payTV networks
Titanium Broadcast

Titanium Connected

Secure, downloadable, fully DVB® compliant Software Conditional Access System designed for IPTV networks.
Titanium Connected

Titanium @Home

Security and rights management solution for the Connected Home and OTT Services to portable devices.

Titanium content security - Pace Elements