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      Pace is at the forefront of digital TV technology.

      Our understanding of technologies and their role in convergence ensures we remain the partner of choice for leading broadcast and broadband operators around the world.

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    • Convergence


      Our vision of convergence is a set of digital services being brought together by payTV service providers and delivered into the home.


    • 3DTV


      Into another dimension. 3D TV represents the next big step forward after HD and Pace advanced set-top boxes enable the delivery of 3D services.


    • Over the Top (OTT) Services

      Over the Top Services

      Over the Top (OTT) refers to video, television and other services provided over the internet rather than via a service provider’s own network.

      Over the Top Services

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    • Our Company

      Pace is a leading technology solutions provider to the PayTV and broadband service industries.

      Our thirty years of leadership, experience and expertise is recognised by a customer base that spans the globe.

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      Corporate Governance

      Good governance helps the business to deliver its strategy whilst generating shareholder value.

      Corporate Governance

    • Responsible Business

      Responsible Business

      As a company at the forefront of digital TV technology, being a responsible business is important to Pace.

      Responsible Business

    • Customers


      Pace has more customers, across more markets and with more products than any of its competitors.

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Tungsten device software

Tungsten - Device Software

Future-proofed, scalable payTV device software that maximises operators hardware investments

Nobody knows the global payTV market like Pace, and Tungsten device software is a pioneering response to the challenges of today’s bespoke and complex TV delivery solutions. It provides a standards-based solution that frees operators from potential proprietary middleware lock-in, allowing them to evolve and scale their services more easily, faster and at lower cost.

Tungsten enables the delivery of new applications and services across IP and broadcast networks to multiple client devices enabling operators to attract and retain subscribers and increase revenue opportunities. It incorporates middleware, an operating system and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for set-top boxes, media gateways and other client devices around the home.

Tungsten connects operator services and subscriber hardware

Maximising operators hardware investment

Tungsten enables operators to extend the functionality of their hardware with additional revenue generating services such as PVR, whole home networking, remote management, media player and media server. It allows for the provision of additional operator devices, interaction with tablets to maximize customer use and greater content reach.

Adaptable software that creates opportunities

Broadcast TV is constantly evolving and Tungsten uses nonproprietary, standards-based software platforms to deliver device software that readily supports the addition of new services. Tungsten is hardware agnostic, so can be ported onto any device from any manufacturer.

Tungsten adds highly reliable broadcast payTV components, such as multiple conditional access and DRM frameworks, support for a wide range of media formats and EPG / VOD metadata (from broadcast or Internet) and standard TV installation services.

Faster to market by design

Pre-integration with the Pace Elements software components, Pace ECO service management, across all DVB network standards means that Tungsten significantly reduces the time and cost of implementing platforms that combine a variety of different components and devices. This enables more rapid deployment and more nimble response to market demand.

Enhanced user experience with Pace Elements

Pre-integrated with Tungsten, Pace's Oxygen User Interface framework offers clear, intuitive graphics and navigation across all devices, networks and locations for a seamless, high-quality content experience. Oxygen's SDK and UI frameworks allow operators to own and manage their brand and end-user experience.

With Pace's Cobalt Service Delivery Platform, operators can add content metadata and subscriber metadata into tailored experiences delivered via IP or broadcast channels to STBs, gateways, CE devices and connected TVs. By logging personal use and discerning patterns, Cobalt further personalises every subscriber’s experience so that it becomes ever more simple and intuitive.

Pace’s Titanium provides content protection and secure distribution. Seamless CAS and DRM bridging is made possible with Pace Titanium @Home, providing Unified Rights Management (URM) across all content, devices and locations.

Pace Tungsten device software - open, modular and extensible architecture

Tungsten device software - Pace Elements