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Leverage our extensive experience to save you time and money.

Solution Delivery

Pace has 30 years' experience in creating and delivering products to the broadcast and broadband industries. You can leverage Pace’s knowledge of solution delivery to support your service, from solution design, to systems integration, launch and service support.

Pace’s approach improves time to market and

  • Uses expert integration teams
  • Supports risk mitigation
  • Improves productivity 
  • Is supported by accredited in-house approval and validation laboratories

Key Business Benefits

  • On time delivery
  • High quality products
  • Execution excellence
  • Operational excellence
  • Quality of user experience

Working with Pace

Pace delivers world leading technologies, products and services to the broadcast and broadband industries. Our solutions enable our customers to simply and cost effectively innovate at the speed they want, in the way they want so as to deliver their managed services to subscribers.

As a market leader in these industries you will find in Pace a partner who understands today’s business challenges and a partner who has a unique perspective globally. We use our experience, understanding and perspective to ensure a smooth transition through service planning, delivery and management ensuring we create value and evolve your business.

Customer Care Click to find out more

Customer CarePace has the capability to help you shift from a network centric operation to a service centric operation.

Consulting Click to find out more

ConsultingWe can add value to your business from strategic decision making through to advising on operational effectiveness.