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Our Solutions

Pace provides the solutions for growth in an ever-evolving industry

Whatever your size, sector or territory, there is an integrated suite of fully-modular hardware, software and services that allows you to choose what you need, when you need it.

We help future-proof your chosen solution with flexible, adaptable technologies that can work in conjunction with existing partner solutions.

Pace doesn’t lock you into technology – we set you free to evolve.

PayTV solutionBroadband solutionOTT solutionWhole Home solutionApps solutionService Management solution

Spanning broadcast and broadband markets, Pace calls on a breadth of experience and market-leading technical expertise to create innovative solutions that put you in control. Not just supplying products, but applying our knowledge of global best-practice to maximise efficiency and simplicity in the delivery of your solutions.

All of our solutions, from a complete broadband solution to an advanced whole home solution, are designed to help you increase average revenue per user, reduce churn and bring down the total cost of ownership.

Our product portfolio can be tailored to the needs of your market and geography and help you cut through the increasing complexity required to provide the services you need.

Our approach is highly flexible with hardware and software solutions that can be integrated with multiple Pace and non-Pace systems and platforms.