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Digital Switchover UK

On the 15th September 2005, the UK government released its plans for the digital TV switchover. The government is responsible for the policy of the switchover, which means turning off the UK's analogue TV signal and replacing it with a digital signal. Following the switchover - taking place between 2008 and 2012 - almost everyone will be able to receive digital TV (Freeview) through the same TV aerials used to receive analogue. Digital TV uses less broadcast space, which means that after switchover there will be more room for new services such as wireless broadband, local TV and High Definition (HD) television.

Amongst other things, it was decided that when switchover occurred the digital signals would change from a 2K based modulation system to an 8K based modulation system. The government believed this would improve the quality and robustness of the signal, ensuring that the majority of regions would have adequate digital terrestrial coverage.

While Pace develops its set-top boxes to the very best knowledge and technical standards available, several products still in use today were developed some time before it was determined how the digital switchover would take place. Because the broadcasting standards have changed, these boxes were not designed to receive the Freeview 8K digital signal and it is impossible to update them to do so.

The table below shows the names of affected Pace branded digital terrestrial set-top boxes along with an indication of their compatibility with the new 8K based system. Boxes that are 2K operation only will not see any channels that are broadcast in the 8K based system.

ModelPace Part CodeAlso known as8K compatible 
DTR730 543-4103600 onDigital No 
DTR735 543-4108900 onDigital, ITV digital No 
Digital TV Adapter 543-1005500 DTVA, DT201F, DTR201F No 
Digital TV Adapter 2 543-1005505 DTVA, DT201F, DTR201F No 
Free to view Adapter 543-1002200 Essential, DT210F, DTR210F No 
Twins TV Recorder  543-1006710  PUMA 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  After digital switchover I am missing some BBC channels (BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC News24). I have tried a new channel scan but can not find these channels?

A:  The digital switchover is taking place in stages. At stage 1 the analogue BBC2 signal is switched off and the BBC multiplex (mux A) changes from the 2K based system to the 8K based system, resulting in the BBC channels mentioned above now not being received by a 2K only set top box. At Stage 2, all analogue channels are switched off and all the remaining digital multiplexes are switched to the 8K based system. This results in a 2K only box not receiving any channels.

Q:  Can I purchase a replacement Freeview Adapter from Pace?

A:  Pace recommends the Philips DTR230 Freeview Adapter which has been designed by Pace and can be purchased from many high street retailers.

Designed by Pace, the Philips DTR230 is an Ultra Compact Digital Freeview Set Top Box

  • Dolby Digital-Bitstream out for surround sound
  • 2 SCART connectors for connecting your TV and another source
  • Built-in Pulse Killer Chip neutralises interference
  • Integrated Digital TV with MHEG interactive applications
  • Freeview access to digital TV and radio channels
  • 7-day Electronic Program Guide for listing of programs
  • Fast and automatic installation of new channels

Q:  Where can I get more information about the Digital Switchover or information on how to re-tune my equipment?

A: Digital UK is the not-for-profit company leading the UK’s switchover to digital TV
    TV Re-tune provides information on the subject of re-tuning Freeview TVs and set-top boxes.

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