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Being responsible delivers value to our customers and our business, and benefits our stakeholders.

Responsible Business

"Responsible business means taking responsibility for the environmental impact of our products and operations."

As a company at the forefront of digital TV technology and the global number one provider of set-top boxes, being a responsible business is important to Pace.

Responsible business means:

  • Managing and reducing the environmental impacts of our products and operations;
  • Using our commercial influence to ensure high environmental, ethical and people standards in our supply chain;
  • Recognising the importance of our employees to our success and future development and providing an environment that will attract, motivate and reward them;
  • Understanding the social issues with which our business is most closely aligned and putting in place the programmes to address them.

Our commitment to being a responsible business is led by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and he is assisted in this by members of the Board and the Executive Committee:

  • Environment and Supply Chain – SVP Finance and Business Systems
  • Workplace – Group Human Resources Director
  • Community – General Counsel and Company Secretary

The CEO approves policies, objectives and targets. The CEO and Executive Team are kept informed of new developments and progress via monthly Executive Committee reports. The Executive Committee decides whether an issue is elevated to the Board of Directors.

Operational control is vested in the relevant functional and business teams; for example the supplier quality team is responsible for assessment and auditing of the supply chain and the engineering teams use the DfE process in the design and development of new products.

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EnvironmentWe're committed to developing products with the lowest environmental impact.

Supply Chain Click to find out more

Supply ChainResponsible business means ensuring high standards of conduct across our supply chain.

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CommunityResponsible business means addressing the social issues with which our business is most closely aligned.