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Design for Environment

Introducing Design for Environment

Design for Environment - Awarded to products that meet DFE standardsThe Pace environmental policy touches on every area of our business, and especially product design. We introduced Design for Environment to enable us to implement the policy and demonstrate how individual product designs comply.

Life-Cycle Thinking (LCT) is an important part of the DFE initiative that helps us evaluate the environmental impact of our products.

Making the right choice

Design for Environment is a scorecard process that measures the extent to which each product design has incorporated environmental considerations relating to the following areas of impact. 

Materials Selection: have we reduced the variety and quantity of materials, do they have lower adverse environmental impacts, and can they be recycled?

Energy Efficiency: have we identified the different usages of the products and minimised the power consumption in each mode (for example in ‘on’ and ‘standby’ modes)

Batteries: have we considered or used batteries with reduced environmental impact? Does the product design prolong the life of the battery?

Product Lifetime: have we ensured that the product has been designed for a prolonged, useful life and can be easily upgraded and repaired?

End of Life: have we evaluated the end-of-life options for reuse and disposal of the product and its components?

Packaging: have we considered product packaging that reduces the weight, size and environmental impact of the materials? Are they made from recycled and/or recyclable materials?

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