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Environmental Leadership

Pace - Environmental Leadership

Leadership is doing the right things, and doing them first

We've been working on set-top box energy efficiency for over a decade. Realising the need for our industry to address its environmental impact, we put strategies in place that have made us a recognised leader for our green initiatives and expertise, encouraging good practice both within our own walls and with our counterparts.

Total like-for-like energy consumption of our set-top boxes has been reduced by up to 80% with further improvement targets already set. While tackling the challenge of increased technical complexity, we have consistently reduced power consumption of our products, ahead of our competition.

  • Our products are among the most energy efficient CE products in the world.
  • Our Design for Environment design principles ensure that all new products exceed minimum legal requirements and comply with voluntary codes.
  • Our Low Environmental Impact initiative targets the three key areas of highest environmental impact.
  • We have a complete end-to-end environmental commitment from site performance through to product development and end-of-life.
  • We dedicate time and expertise to supporting and developing standards and regulations around the world.

We were the first set-top box company to:

  • Design a complex set-top box with less than 1W standby.
  • Set standards and targets for environmental set-top box performance – the Low Environmental Impact (LEI) initiative which we launched in 2008.
  • Drive environmental awareness in the supply chain; launch compliant products in all major markets.
  • Have a set-top box recognised under new Energy Star standards (Pace DTA product).

"Pace is recognised as the leader in reducing the power consumption of set-top boxes."
Noah Harrowitz – Senior Scientist, NRDC

"Pace is in the top 10 % of companies reducing the power consumption of set-top boxes."
Bob Harrison, UK Market Transformation Programme

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