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Pace monitors and reports on the environmental impacts of its operations at its principal locations

The following table provides an overview of Pace’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculated using Defra conversion factors, reported in tonnes of CO2e, in absolute terms and normalised against sales, staff numbers and floor space area. Sales figures are shown in US Dollars in line with our financial reporting.

Principal locations

  • Saltaire (UK);
  • San Jose, Boca Raton, San Antonio and Tempe (extrapolated data for Austin, Phoenix, Nevada City, Los Angeles, Alpharetta, Denver, Santa Clara1, Kent, Hackensack2 and Philadelphia) (USA);
  • Paris (France);
  • Manaus and São Paolo (Brazil); and
  • Bangalore (India).

Summary table of GHG emissions by scope (normalised by Company turnover US$m)

ScopeDescriptionAbsolute value (2013)Normalised value /$m (2013)Absolute value (2014)Normalised value / $m (2014)Movement
Scope 1 Emissions of CO2 from on-site sources:
• gas combustion;
• gas oil combustion; and
• refrigerant gas leakage/losses.
683 tCO2e 0.28 tCO2e/$m 654 tCO2e 0.25 tCO2e/$m Arrow - Down
Scope 2 Directly purchased electricity, which generates CO2 emissions. 6,669 tCO2e 2.07 tCO2e 7,417 tCO2e (3) 683 tCO2e Arrow - Up 
Scope 3 CO2 emissions linked to the travel of a member of the Company by plane:
• air travel;
• transmission and distribution losses;
• water consumption; and
• waste disposal.
6,627 tCO2e 2.68 tCO2e 6,337 tCO2e 683 tCO2e Arrow - Down 
Total All of the above. 13,979 tCO2e 5.66 tCO2e/$m 14,408 tCO2e 683 tCO2e Arrow - Down 

1 - Santa Clara was only operated by Pace between 1 January 2014 and 30 August, when it was disposed of. Santa Clara is not an “ongoing” part of Pace’s operations.
2 - Kent and Hackensack sites are small sites that were included with the acquisition of Aurora and remain within Pace’s operational portfolio.
3- Scope 2 emissions increased as a result of the acquisition of Aurora Networks.