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Objectives and Targets

Setting challenging targets and achieving them

Every year we establish performance improvement targets that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic (i.e. SMART) and time-bound over the next reporting cycle.

We take our performance against these targets very seriously, which is why our Executive Team track them via an internal review and audit programme. Having reviewed our objectives and targets for 2014, we have set ourselves further challenging goals for 2015 which we are on target to achieve.

You'll find a list of our current objectives and targets in our Responsible Business Report and in the table below. The Environmental Report for 2015 will be published in March 2016 and will include an update on our 2015 targets as well as objectives for 2016.

Pace's Responsible Business Objectives and Targets 2015

product performance
Innovate in product energy efficiency.
  • Evolve our performance reporting to include other product types beyond set-top boxes (STBs).
  • All applicable products designed in 2014 to exceed a score of 80% during Pace’s Design for Environment (DfE) programme.
  • Continue to drive performance improvement in STBs.
  • Drive internal awareness of network product performance criteria.
  • 90% of applicable products meet industry voluntary agreement.
site operations
Seek to reduce our environmental impacts.
  • Continuing from 2014, improve baseline performance in light of new acquisitions (Aurora) and drive 2% CO2 performance improvement by Dec 2015.
management system performance
Evolve Pace's management system across all major sites.

Drive external recognition.
  • Develop an environmental management system to align with ISO 14001 in San Jose.
  • Complete a gap analysis and develop a strategy to drive performance improvements in line with FTSE4Good revised methodology.
  • Zero “major non-conformance” in third party audits
    (e.g. ISO 14001).
Supply chain
performance assessment
Drive performance improvement in supply chain sustainability.
  • Drive performance improvement in high risk vendors and target all vendors to be a minimum bronze rating by 2018.
  • Complete risk based on site audits of our manufacturing partners with a view to identifying poor performance. (Target all manufacturing partners in 2015.)
Employees -
employee involvement
Continue Pace's employee programme focusing on satisfaction and engagement.
  • Develop and launch Pace’s graduate recruitment programme – targeting 15 graduates in place by 2016.
  • Focus on understanding our data and metrics in order to make informed decisions. Collect and report on key metrics, e.g. internal promotions vs. external hires, looking at our diversity data in relation to the communities we operate in with a focus on gender.
  • Complete and benchmark employee satisfaction.
Community -
community engagement
Continue Pace's community programme focused on education.
  • Develop a more robust framework for community activities including accurate reporting, volunteering and leadership accountability.